Samsung Pass is merging into Samsung Pay

Samsung announced today it is beginning to merge Samsung Pass into Samsung Pay. The fusion begins in South Korea, where users will have their digital passes, cards, and smart locks automatically moved from Pass to Pay. Other regions are expected to follow soon.

Samsung Pay is already the in-house system for payments by the Korean maker and allows you to store credit cards, debit cards, and some membership cards. Everyone in South Korea with a Samsung device that is running at least Android 9 will receive an update to their Samsung Pay app.

A Digital Key for a smart lock, compatible with the SmartThings environment, is also one tap away, and travel tickets are also easier to find now. The new mega app will also have support for some travel and movie tickets, including Korean Air and Megabox.

The reason behind this merger is a “more convenient experience”, according to Jini Han, VP of Digital Life Team, MX Divison at Samsung. The ecosystem will keep expanding to include not just payment but also home, car, public transportation, and cultural life services.

Source (in Korean)