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Apple to launch 15″ MacBook Air next year, new 12″ inch laptop by early 2024

Apple unveiled a new 13.6″ MacBook Air at WWDC earlier this week, powered by the M2 chip announced at the same event. It won’t go on sale before next month, but a new report by Bloomberg claims Apple is already working on a 15″ MacBook Air, which it plans to release as early as next spring, making it the first laptop of that size in the Air series.

The 15″ MacBook Air is a wider version of the 13.6″ MacBook Air announced this week, meaning it won’t have the wedge-shaped frame we saw on previous models.

The publication further claims that Apple is also working on a 12″ laptop, planned for a launch towards the end of 2023 or early 2024. If that happens, it will be Apple’s smallest laptop since 2019 when the company discontinued the 12″ MacBook. Although it’s unclear if this will be a part of the MacBook Air lineup or the Pro series.

Furthermore, Apple is planning M2 Pro and M2 Max-powered high-end MacBook Pro laptops for release by the end of 2022, but it may be pushed to early 2023. These are codenamed J414 and J416 and will come in 14″ and 16″ sizes.

The M2 Pro chip will reportedly enter mass production later this year and will be manufactured by TSMC. It will be built on the 3nm process and come with four efficiency and eight performance cores. The M2 Max, on the other hand, is said to include 12 main processing cores joined by up to 38 graphics cores.

Apple has also started the development of the M3 chip, expected to power the iMac and other products in the future.