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1440p support is rolling out globally to PlayStation 5 today

1440p support for the PlayStation 5 is out of beta and starts rolling out globally today. This is ideal for gamers who use 1440p monitors. Well, almost ideal.

The 1440p supports only 60Hz and 120Hz output, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is not available. VRR is only supported for 1080p and 2160p modes.

Resolution changes aside, this update enables “gamelists” or simply put, folders. You can create up to 15 gamelists with up to 100 items per list (these could be on disc, digital and streaming games).

Also, this update makes it easier to jump back in a game by showing the last activity you were engaged with when you last played. And if you want to try out 3D Audio, it is now much easier to toggle between it and the regular Stereo Audio to see which you prefer.

A new feature is available as a preview – YouTube search through voice commands. You can say “Hey, PlayStation, find [keyword] on YouTube” and the YouTube app will pop up and perform the search (even during gameplay). Note that this is available only in English and only for PS5 players registered in the US and the UK for now (again, it’s a preview).

These are the new features rolling out today, but there are some big upgrades planned for the PS App for Android and iOS coming later this month.

When the app gets the update, you will be able to launch a PS Remote Play session directly from your phone or tablet, just make sure that the PlayStation 5 is in Rest Mode.

Also, the PS App will let you request a Share Screen session from your friends so you can watch them play (or to make coordination easier).

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